The best customer care starts with a strong company core.

At Apothecary Products (referred to as “APL” internally), our Team Members feel valued, appreciated, and free to be who they are – much like a close-knit family. APL Team Members love to celebrate and recognize wins, collaborate to drive innovation, and are energized when faced with challenges. To ensure the highest ethical standards, APL practices regular communication and encourages feedback from all members of our team. We are a determined, fast-paced, dynamic group of caring people. These collective actions, attitudes and behaviors enable our success in sustaining our positive employer of choice environment people want to be part of.

Corporate Values & Core Competencies

Our award-winning culture is grounded by our corporate value system. At APL, our values are the heart of our successful organization. They act as the internal code that influences how our Team Members experience and interpret the world. APL’s values spell WE CARE because each of our Team Members share the vision for caring for our consumers and for each other. Winning, Excellence, Collaboration, Accountability, and Each Other (WE CARE), guide all business-related decisions and serve as our daily compass.
With our values as the heart of our company, our Core Competencies define on-the-job behaviors needed for our successes that can be objectively observed and measured by those around us. Our skilled team are expected to demonstrate our most valued competencies: Business Know-How, Solutions Minded, One APL, Develop Self and Others, and Agility. The core competencies produce a common language that promotes teamwork, accountability, and candor at APL.