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Retail brands created to help you provide the best care possible.

When there is a need in the wellness sector, we work to create a solution. From Ezy Dose® medication management products to Protechs® ear plugs that provide protection and comfort, our brands are functional and smart. For many, part of living a healthy life includes Apothecary Products’ retail brands.

Ezy Dose® designs innovative medication management products.

Ezy Dose is the leader in easy-to-use medication management products.Our products feature innovative designs to meet everyday needs. Ezy Dose products make living healthier easier with products like pill cutters, pill crushers and a full line of easy-fill planners. Many of our push button pill planners are certified by the Arthritis Foundation for our ease-of-use design.

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Ezy Dose medication management products

Flents® designs simple self-care solutions.

Flents has developed a line of innovative personal care products. Popular products include Insty Splint® finger splints, sleep masks, hot/cold water bottles, ice bags and eye patches. Flents products offer simple solutions for at-home health and wellness needs.

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Flents Products Group

Wipe ‘N Clear® offers safe and effective lens cleaning products.

Wipe ‘N Clear streak-free cleaning products bring clarity to your customers’ active lives. Our eyeglass lens cleaner and lens cleaning wipes are ideal for both glass and plastic lenses. We offer on-the-go lens cleaning products like individually wrapped wipes, micro-fibers cloths, sprays and more.

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Protechs® products are designed for hearing protection and comfort.

Part of a healthy life is hearing well. Protechs line of ear plugs are designed for a variety of activities to optimize protection and comfort. The full line of ear plugs reduce noise during sleep, high-intensity sports, loud work environments, swimming, air and other travel as well as in venues with loud music. Other Flents® Protechs® products include personal protection products like masks and finger covers.

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Protechs protective gear

Ezy Dose Kids® offers a comprehensive line of family friendly care.

Ezy Dose Kids offers smart and simple solutions to aid in the care of common infant and child ailments. From fever readers, and nasal aspirators to calibrated syringes, droppers, medicine cups and spoons to help ensure proper dosing, we have a full array of products to help parents manage children’s health.

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