Introducing “The Noble”

Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of our team members on a regular basis are vital components to Apothecary Products’ strategic initiative to sustain a positive employer of choice environment people want to be part of. Last month, the company launched The Noble award program recognizes the contributions of a team who through their work activities:

  • Demonstrated superior performance and/or contribution which positively impacted the company
  • Exemplified outstanding collaboration inspiring to others
  • Showcased our WE CARE value system and business core competencies in a matter for which is admirable to others

We would like to congratulate members of our Supply Chain Planning team for their outstanding contribution and collaboration, being selected as recipients of this award in January. Recipients receive a certificate of merit and their choice of The Noble branded item.

Why This Recognition Program Is Named The Noble:

Apothecary Products was founded and began selling a unique line of medication management products in 1975 under the leadership of Terry Noble, a pharmacist and entrepreneur.  Mr. Noble tirelessly collaborated with individuals and other small businesses to grow product offerings and achieve company growth, until he retired in 2014. Many of the products Apothecary Products sells today are inspired by his legacy for which we wish to honor in part through the naming of this program. Additionally, the word “noble” is defined in the dictionary as “having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire”. With every presentation of this award program, the Apothecary Products Executive Team seeks to reenforce the admirable characteristics this program highlights.