Meritorious Service and Achievement Award

On January 24, 2024, at an All-Team Meeting, Apothecary Products Chief Executive Officer, Darran Spence, presented Connie Jeurissen, Customer Relations Manager, with the Meritorious Service and Achievement Award. This is the highest honor awarded at APL and recognizes individuals for meritorious service and achievement in furthering and supporting APL’s vision, mission, Board, Executive Leadership, and APL team members as a whole. Recipients of this award receive a framed embossed certificate of merit and a monetary reward.

Connie is a well-deserved recipient of APL’s highest level of recognition due to her selfless commitment, tireless efforts, and unrivaled philanthropic spirit. She acts on an ongoing basis quietly behind the scenes furthering APL’s philanthropic initiatives. She embodies APL’s We Care values and exhibits them in a manner that is admirable and inspiring to the entire company. As just a few examples in the past year, Connie took leadership of organizing APL’s holiday charitable giving program, donations to St Francis Hospital during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dropped off donated diapers to charity, collected and dropped off donations to 360 Communities and was the primary point of contact for all charitable giving programs with the CAP Agency of Scott Carver & Dakota Counties.

Connie has enabled Apothecary Products to be a more welcoming employer and better neighbor to our community because of her caring attitude and actions. Connie has raised the standard amongst our team of delivering our We Care values in an extraordinary manner.